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Meet Dr Harshita Pandey, a driven and ambitious doctor dedicated to enhancing smiles and promoting skin health. She is an Onco-Dental Surgeon, Certified Clinical Cosmetologist & Facial Aesthetician. She is also a certified tobacco cessation specialist. She is a former consultant at Max Multi-Speciality Hospital. With a passion for transforming lives through aesthetic dentistry and facial aesthetics, Dr Harshita combines expertise with a commitment to excellence.  Read More



  • Pigmentation Treatment Center
    Your skin's color is referred to as skin pigmentation. The quantity and kind of melanin, a pigment produced by certa
    24.06.2024 Latest news
  • PRP Treatment Center
    Your blood contains particles known as platelets. These unique cells support the formation of new cells throughout your
    20.06.2024 Latest news
  • Best Dental Implant Center
    Dental implant surgery is the process of replacing damaged or missing teeth with artificial teeth that function and appe
    16.06.2024 Latest news
  • Tattoo Removal Clinic
    By using a high-intensity light beam to break up the pigment hues, lasers erase tattoos. Tattoo pigment that is black is
    12.06.2024 Latest news

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