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Meet Dr Harshita Pandey, a driven and ambitious doctor dedicated to enhancing smiles and promoting skin health. She is an Onco-Dental Surgeon, Certified Clinical Cosmetologist & Facial Aesthetician. She is also a certified tobacco cessation specialist. She is a former consultant at Max Multi-Speciality Hospital. With a passion for transforming lives through aesthetic dentistry and facial aesthetics, Dr Harshita combines expertise with a commitment to excellence.  Read More



  • RCT Treatment Center
    At Glamdent Clinic, a top RCT treatment facility in Gurugram, you may get professional root canal therapy (RCT) solution
    14.07.2024 Latest news
  • Best Microblading Treatment Center
    Achieve flawless brows at Glamdent Clinic, the top microblading treatment center in Gurugram. Our skilled specialists us
    10.07.2024 Latest news
  • Best Dentist
    The greatest dentist office in Gurugram, Glamdent Clinic, offers outstanding dental care. Every patient receives the bes
    06.07.2024 Latest news
  • Best Onco Dental Surgeon
    Cancers of the mouth and back of the throat are categorized as oral cancer. The tongue, the tissue lining the lips and g
    02.07.2024 Latest news

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