Cosmetology and dermatology are two very distinct disciplines. In the medical discipline of dermatology, years of rigorous schooling are necessary. A trade school education, which may take less than a year, is necessary for cosmetology. Cosmetologists and dermatologists can both assist patients in improving their external look. Physicians that specialize in treating the skin, hair, nails, and mucous membranes are known as dermatologists. Physicians are not cosmetologists. They are experts at hair style, haircutting, and other cosmetic services. While some cosmetologists concentrate on particular specialties, others can carry out a variety of tasks. A lot of cosmetologists specialize in coloring, style, and haircutting. On occasion, they are also in charge of scheduling appointments and handling money collection. A cosmetologist can talk with clients about the kind of hairdo they would want.

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